Ready For Dental Implants?

Are you thinking that you’ve finally decided: You want dental implants as your replacement solution to complete your smile? This is wonderful news! You will be equally elated to discover that you can go through your entire process of receiving implants at our practice, which means the journey will be a convenient and exciting one. Allow us to offer some initial information that will help you get started.

Set Up A Consultation

If you have not yet come in to speak with us about choosing dental implants for your smile, this is the best place to begin. During a consultation, we can answer any questions you may still have about implants, while we examine your oral health to determine your candidacy. If any obstacles present themselves, we will do our best to offer solutions, so you may move forward with implants.

We Begin With Placement

We begin your journey by placing dental implants. This is an oral surgery process, which will include the insertion of biocompatible titanium posts into your jawbone. Translation: We will replace the roots of your missing teeth! Eventually, once you have recovered, we will complete the tooth replacement with the placement of a dental crown supported by the implant.

We Will Guide You Through The Journey

Receiving dental implants is a journey! We say this because you will experience placement, a recovery process during which the implant needs time to bond with your jawbone, and then the completion (when we restore your implant with a crown). Rest assured, we will be by your side the entire time, guiding you toward your complete grin!


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