Protect Your Smile This Holiday

As the holidays draw nearer and nearer, there are probably a lot of things on your mind (like planning to attend parties, hosting parties, gifts to purchase and wrap, and more). What you might forget about, though it’s essential, is your oral health. Do you know how to keep it safe and sound this holiday season? Or, do you generally just hope for the best without putting any preventive measures in place? Good news: Just a handful of simple suggestions can have a powerful effect!

Yes, You May (And Should) Chew Sugarless Gum

You might want to reach for some minty gum after you eat a snack or dessert because it has always helped remove food from your teeth, while giving you fresher breath. However, you might also assume that gum of any kind is on the no-no list. The truth is, you are free to chew sugarless gum (even encouraged) because it does just what you think: Dislodges food particles, increases saliva flow, and helps keep your smile clean for good oral health.

Ask Yourself: Is My Food Very Hard Or Very Sticky?

When you pick up a piece of exceptional brittle, your favorite candy, the hearty crackers you only seem to see around holiday time, or a handful of mixed nuts, ask yourself a question: Is this food very hard or very sticky? If the answer is yes, you will probably want to put it down to steer clear of a damaged tooth and a need for an oral health rescue. It’s a simple action that can help you avoid the need for all manner of repairs, such as the placement of a dental crown.


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