Dental Cleanings And Screenings

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Have you ever wondered why you have to see the dentist twice a year? When you keep up with your oral hygiene, this may feel like a redundant task. However, these preventive measures are a way to monitor for early signs of problems like cavities, gingivitis, and oral cancer. At Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic in Austin, MN, we are here today to tell you the benefits of maintaining your regular appointment schedule.

During Your Appointment

You should be seeing the dentist twice a year. During these appointments, you will receive a cleaning and X-rays. Cleanings at the dentist include removing a buildup of plaque and tartar that you cannot remove with a toothbrush. We will also polish your teeth, which allows you to leave the office with a fresh smile. If we notice that your oral hygiene is being neglected, we can give you advice on how to brush and floss better.

The examination part of the appointment includes X-rays that allow us to see the earliest signs of cavities and other problems.

Early signs of tooth decay can be reversed if they are seen early enough. With proper oral hygiene and fluoride treatment, you can strengthen your enamel against cavities. This can help reduce the need for restorative treatments like fillings or root canals.

Signs such as gingivitis – the earliest stage of periodontal disease – may be seen with soreness and redness of the gums. By detecting this early, we can begin a treatment plan to prevent the progression of this problem.

Oral cancer can also develop without showing any outward signs. Exams can allow your dentist to screen for symptoms, allowing you to know sooner.

Delaying Your Appointments

There are many reasons why you may be skipping your trip to the dentist. Maybe you just feel too busy, or you feel like your teeth are fine. Just because you feel healthy, though, does not mean that you are.

Putting off your visits can increase the chances that you need restorative treatments and even oral surgery later. For instance, if you are an irregular flosser and skip your cleanings, the chances of periodontal disease are increased. If periodontal disease reaches further stages, it cannot be reversed. It is best to see your dentist twice a year to prevent this.

This is a good time of year to visit the dentist. Seeing us before the New Year allows for us to help you end the year with a healthy smile. You can also be sure to fully use your dental insurance plan. And if needed, we can also begin planning treatment options if you need fillings or other treatments.

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Our dental exams and oral cancer screenings are designed to keep your teeth healthy and to help you maintain a beautiful smile. To learn more, call the Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic at (507) 437-6312.