A Professional Teeth Whitening For Your Big Day

Rocks Austin MNHave you started to notice that your teeth have become a bit more yellowed or dull than they were in the past? If you have been struggling with the appearance of your smile due to stained enamel, talk to a helpful team of cosmetic dental experts about your different options in teeth whitening treatment. Before you reach for those supermarket products, start your smile improvement journey with the assistance of a trained dental health provider!

At our dental office in Austin, MN, we can help you to know the causes of your enamel stains, as well as how to lift them safely to give you a beaming smile. With one of our cosmetic teeth whitening treatments, you can achieve a more attractive smile, so talk with your dentist about all of your options in removing those stubborn stains. For some, a simple course of at-home teeth whitening can be a helpful way to improve your smile quality from the comfort of your own home. Others may need a quicker refresh, and if this sounds like you, ask about treatment options in the office, giving you the opportunity to erase your stains in one quick visit!

Schedule An Appointment for An Examination To Determine The Cause Of Your Stains

The first step in your cosmetic dentistry process should be to speak with a trusted dentist about the changes that you have been seeing within your mouth. By starting with a cleaning and examination, you can gain valuable insight into why your teeth have started to become dull or dim. This can make a difference in your process, as internal discoloration requires a different treatment than extrinsic enamel stains.

If you start by purchasing a whitening kit from the supermarket, you lose out on receiving the knowledge you need to make better healthcare decisions. These products may be ineffective, causing you to repeat their use. Overbleaching can result in lasting dentin sensitivity, so be sure that you work alongside an oral health expert in your cosmetic teeth whitening.

We Give You An Option In Your Choice Of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Treatment

When your dentist gives you a diagnosis of enamel staining, you can talk with them about the next steps in your teeth whitening journey. At our office, we give you the choice between a custom whitening kit for home use and an in-office treatment to lift your stains in one simple visit. Talk to your dentist about your specific smile needs and make the decision that is right for your schedule and level of comfort.

Learn More About Cosmetic Teeth Whitening In Austin, MN

When you need to see an improvement to the appearance of your smile, talk to your dentist about your cosmetic choices. To learn more about cosmetic teeth whitening, give us a call at Potach & Mitchell Dental Clinic in Austin, MN at (507)437-6312.