Talk To Your Dentist If You Injure A Tooth

Charming Man Austin MNHave you cracked or broken one or more of your existing teeth? If so, you should speak with a trained oral health professional about your injury. Even when these instances of dental damage are minimal, they can become worse over time. Your enamel provides protection for the soft tissue within known as pulp, and if it has been lost in an area, you could wind up with a nasty tooth toothache due to infection.

When you need a restoration, come see our dental team in Austin, MN to see if a dental crown is the right choice for your injury. This is a durable, yet natural-looking, cap that protects your remaining tooth material. This solution gives you a new chewing surface for your tooth, allowing you to bite with confidence. Take this opportunity to renew your smile with the help of a sturdy new dental crown!

Dental Crowns Help You Restore Your Smile After A Broken Or Cracked Tooth

If you have broken a tooth, it is important to reach out to a qualified dentist about repair as quickly as you can. Sometimes, this injury might be severe enough that you need to see an emergency dentist right away for treatment. In other instances, a chipped tooth can feel like something that you can handle on your own. Even when it seems like minimal damage, still schedule an appointment with your oral health provider, as you may have fully removed your enamel in an area.

When you need restoration, a dental crown could be the right choice for your smile. This is a strong cap that your dentist cements to the top of your tooth, renewing strength and stability after an injury. Dental crowns are also used as the final step of a root canal treatment procedure, and they can bring serious restorative benefits!

Ask Your Dentist About Whether A Dental Crown Is Best For Your Injury

One of the most important things to remember after cracking or breaking a natural tooth is that you have the power to find a restorative treatment. Tell your dentist about your situation in order to learn about your options in treatment. A dental crown can give help you to find your smile confidence again, so you can stop worrying about the lasting stability of a broken tooth. While you are in the office for your examination and consultation, ask your dentist about the different available materials in your new restorative dental crown!

Learn More About Dental Crowns With Our Staff In Austin, MN

When you need to repair a broken or otherwise injured tooth, give us a call! Speak with a valued member of our team at Potach & Mitchell Dental Clinic in Austin, MN at (507)437-6312.