Positive Dental Improvement for Your Smile

Blue Austin MNOver time, your enamel can start to look a little worn as a result of normal use. While this is part of aging, you could be searching for a way to touch up your enamel wear and discoloration. The yellowing and dullness of your smile can hold you back in your personal life, so do not let your oral health hinder your progress. You also might shy away from speaking up at work; show your confidence during meetings or video chats with a gorgeous set of healthy teeth.

Schedule a time with your dentist at Potach & Mitchell Dental Clinic in Austin, MN and discuss all of your cosmetic needs alongside your routine cleaning and examination. This approach allows you to set your dental baseline and learn about all of the possibilities that are available to you. A checkup also allows you to avoid reaching for over-the-counter options before speaking with a professional. Protect your enamel with dedicated care designed to keep your dental wellness in mind through the entire process!

A Checkup Can Help You Feel And Look Better

A great place for you to start your cosmetic dental journey is with a routine cleaning and examination. Everyone needs a checkup at least every six months to maintain a consistent smile quality. If it has been longer than that, this can be an opportunity for you to reclaim your emphasis on oral health practices. The removal of plaque and tartar accumulation can also help you to look better immediately. In addition to the cleaning, a visual examination can help you to make positive choices. Discuss whether your stains are as a result of use or due to intrinsic discoloration, as the treatment differs between the two conditions.

We Have Options For Your Enamel Whitening

Lifting the shade of your teeth can be difficult on your own. Years of stains can accumulate and leave you with a smile that is yellowed and dull. Speak with a qualified professional about the removal of your problem stains. Over-the-counter products can include harsh bleaching agents, and if you do not properly use them, you could weaken your enamel. Allow the training and experience of a healthcare provider to walk you through the process.

We have multiple forms of teeth whitening available for your smile. At-home solutions include whitening trays that you fill with a lifting agent. Wear these alongside your nightly dental health routine for a brighter smile in as little as two weeks. Discuss the technological edge of Colgate ionic whitening and see if this option is a good fit for your smile.

Dedicated Teeth Whitening In Austin, MN

The improvement of your smile can be achieved at home with helpful whitening from your dentist. Speak with Potach And Mitchell Dental Clinic today in Austin, MN at 507-437-6312 to learn more about our processes or to schedule an appointment with our team.