Special Precautions For An Aging Smile

Aging Austin MNAs we grow older, there are certain concerns that arise in regard to our health. The loss of bone density is an important change that starts to occur around the age of fifty. It can be hard to fully recognize the risk of this loss as we cannot see our bones on a daily basis. Osteoporosis can develop for years without the help of a bone scan to determine density levels. Often, seniors first learn of their condition when they suffer a break.

This concern is particularly important in the maintenance of dental health. The teeth fit snugly into our jaw and if the bone recedes, there could be a risk of tooth loss or periodontitis. At Potach & Mitchell Dental Clinic in Austin, MN, we understand that strong prevention is key in helping you to maintain your own natural material. Once you reach the age of fifty, spend the time in taking particular care of your dental health. Your smile will thank you!

Jaw Bone Density Decreases As We Age

Since the bones are internal, it can be difficult to properly gauge their strength. Moreover, patients tend to take them for granted after decades with no osteopathic troubles. Once we reach the age of fifty, our bone density begins to decrease. This phenomenon is particularly marked in women, but affects all people of a ceartain age.

A well-planned diet can help to mitigate the loss of bone density. After turning fifty, the body has a more difficult time absorbing vitamins and minerals. It may be necessary to add supplemental nutrition in order to ensure healthy bone maintenance. For instance, calcium supplement is suggested for anyone who cannot properly receive at least 1000 mg of calcium daily through their diet.

Grow Older With Grace

Maintenance in an aging mouth starts with a strengthening of a standard oral health regimen. It is crucial to continue brushing twice each day with a soft bristled brush. This can help remove debris and food particles from the depths of the mouth. Floss and utilize an oral rinse every day, as well.

Stick to strict appointments with a dental care provider, as well. The identification of any changes in the development of an aging mouth should be treated sooner rather than later. Stop the progression of problematic issues before they progress into a further problem. The preventive approach can help to avoid lasting damage through proper knowledge of what is happening medically.

Protecting Senior Smiles In Austin, MN

Keep a strong smile while aging. Take preventive steps in your diet and oral health maintenance to best prepare for life as a senior. For more information, call Potach And Mitchell Dental Clinic today in Austin, MN at 507-437-6312!