Care For Your Child’s Teeth Over The Summer

children's dentistryFor kids, summer is a time when schedules change and their waking hours shift. No longer must they wake up early for school and labor through homework every evening. Now they are free to do what they want — within reason of course. As adults, our lives don’t change too much (unfortunately) outside of taking our children where they need to go at the correct time. During these hot months, it’s easy to let normal routines slide. However, when it comes to their oral health, it is essential that you take steps to ensure that their teeth stay healthy. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists discuss ways that you can help them maintain healthy, radiant smiles all summer long.

Don’t Indulge In Too Much Sugar

In the sweltering heat, it’s easy to let your kids overindulge in sweet, cold treats like popsicles and ice cream. While there is nothing wrong with letting them — or yourself — indulge in these in moderation, you want to be mindful of over-consumption, as they contain lots of sugar. Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth which can then lead to decay and cavities, requiring fillings down the road. Similarly, if your child plays sports outside, sports drinks are a prevalent temptation. Again, moderation is key, as these beverages are extraordinarily sweet. Divide up a sports drink into three other bottles and water them down. This way, your child can still get beneficial electrolytes without consuming too much sugar.

Keep A Routine

While your child’s daily routines surely shift during the summer, it is important that their oral healthcare habits remain the same. Yes, this can be more difficult when they are out and about more, but it is essential to take steps to ensure that they are still brushing twice a day and flossing once. What’s more, they need to be flossing. It is also wise to have them brush their teeth after any sweet and sticky snacks. When they do brush, make sure they do so for at least two minutes at a time. It is also helpful for them to drink lots of water each day. This keeps them hydrated in the hot weather and also keeps their mouth clean from food particles that may linger from snacks. 

Schedule Their Appointments Early

Although school isn’t starting up for a couple of months, it is wise to go ahead and make your child’s appointment before the major back-to-school rush. If you book now, you will have much more flexibility in when you can see the dentist and at whatever time you prefer, making sure it fits easily into your busy schedule. 

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