Possibility Lies In Grafting

Graft Austin, MNPeriodontal disease is very common in patients in the United States, with some estimates placing 50% of Americans over 30 suffering from some extent of the disease. The technology to help this condition is not only available, but it is affordable as well!

Nobody should be alarmed or frightened of simple gum grafts. Today, your Austin, MN dentist explains how gum grafts might be a great solution for you.

You Shouldn’t Have To Hide

People are often likely to try and alter the way they show their teeth when suffering from periodontal disease. A different smile, covering their mouth with their hand when they eat.

But none of those activities can actually address the true issue, which is the recession of the gum tissue. The gums do not easily regrow, so the aid of a trained dental professional is usually necessary. While this all may seem a bit invasive, it is all fairly commonplace.

The Most Common Solution

Most often, what is known as a free gingival graft will be the solution for receding gums. This is the removal of infected tissue, after which the healthy gum is stretched back to a healthy gumline.

These are highly predictable procedures, and are very unlikely to pose a risk of complication. The most important goal is to cover the root of the tooth from exposure. If left open, infection can take hold inside the tooth itself.

First, the dentist will remove the infected tissue from the mouth. The healthy remaining tissue is cleaned, in order to prepare for a sanitary donation. Afterward, the dentist pulls the healthy gum to a proper gumline.

This only takes about 45 minutes, and uses local anesthesia. For about a week after, you will be required to stick to a soft diet. The recovery time is around the same, and most patients report as pain-free.

Soft tissue graft

Sometimes the infected area is too large to stretch remaining gums fully. If that is the case, a periodontist will be required to perform a soft tissue graft.

This includes the removal of a piece of donor tissue, usually from the roof of the mouth. This flesh is then implanted on the site of the periodontal recession.

The goal here is also to cover the root of the tooth. That is our main point of dental vulnerability, and our gums are our prime defense.

An adhesive bandage that mimics skin is placed on the donor site. Recovery from this procedure is similar to that of a free gingival graft, about a week with a soft diet.


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