A Root Canal Could Preserve Your Smile

austin root canal therapy

When a tooth becomes infected, this could lead to serious discomfort and over time, the risk of a lost tooth. Which is why we may prescribe an endodontic treatment option. With root canal therapy, we can treat infected teeth and bring relief. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists explain how we treat serious oral health concerns with endodontics.

The Factors Behind Your Infection

Each of our teeth consist of several layers. The outermost is the protective enamel, but beneath that is the dentin, which makes up most of the structure and is very sensitive. At the center is the pulp, which controls the movement of blood and nutrients to and from the tooth. Tooth decay means that bacteria has reached the dentin, often through injury or poor oral health that weakens enamel. When the same bacteria reaches the pulp, this means an infected tooth and without treatment, the risk of a missing one too! If you experience tooth sensitivity, toothaches, pain when eating, swelling, headaches, or a discharge from the tooth, then let us know right away.

The Endodontic Treatment Process

First, we will examine your smile to identify the presence of decay and infection. We then plan the treatment and administer a local numbing agent to your smile. If you have anxiety, we could also suggest dental sedation. Once you’re comfortable, we will open the tooth to reach the inner pulp and remove the infected tissues. We then insert a special medicated filling material. After this cures, we cap the tooth with a dental crown. The restoration will be custom-made to blend with your smile, looking natural and offering a durable chewing surface and quality protection from further decay or infection. This root canal treatment saves your smile from tooth loss and serious discomfort!

Avoiding Future Infections

There are also a few simple ways to avoid the onset of an infected tooth. To begin, try to take time to brush twice a day for two minutes, and use a fluoride toothpaste when you do. You also need to floss every evening too! Try to cut back on sugary and starchy foods and drinks too, as this feeds harmful bacteria and causes the plaque buildup that weakens tooth enamel. Be sure to see our team for a checkup and cleaning every six months as well, and eat a healthier diet too. If you have any questions, then give us a call today.

Talk To Your Austin, MN Dentist About Tooth Replacement

Our team is ready to treat your severe decay and infection, so you enjoy a full and healthy smile. If you would like to find out more about our restorative treatment options, then contact your Austin, MN, dentists, Dr. Potach and Dr. Mitchell, by calling 507-437-6312.