Dental Exams And Cleanings Are Essential

dental examBrushing your teeth and flossing diligently every day is one of the best ways to keep your mouth healthy and your smile bright. From a young age, the importance of practicing this preventative care is told to us repeatedly, and for good reason: it helps a lot. In conjunction with brushing and flossing, it is equally important to visit your dentist twice a year for a professional cleaning and dental examination. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists discuss the importance of regularly scheduled visits to the dentist’s office.

Why A Professional Cleaning Is Essential

As noted above, brushing and flossing your teeth is crucial for maintaining a healthy mouth. However, no matter how thoroughly you brush your teeth, there will always be a gradual buildup of plaque. This is a sticky film of bacteria, saliva, and food, and if it remains on your teeth, it can harden and turn into tartar. Plaque and tartar are the main causes of gum disease and tooth decay, so they need to be dealt with regularly. A professional cleaning is conducted by a dental hygienist or dentist who has ample training and the latest tools to remove this buildup. Again, you cannot fully remove it by just brushing and flossing, so you need to have your efforts supplemented by a professional. By coming in for a cleaning every six months, you are minimizing the likelihood of plaque and tartar severely affecting your oral hygiene

What To Expect From A Dental Examination

When you come in for a cleaning, a dentist will also thoroughly examine your teeth. They will look for signs of tooth decay (cavities), gum disease, and general damage. When you come in twice a year, your dentist will be much more likely to catch and address any problems early — before they can evolve into more serious issues. When they see you a couple of times a year, they are better equipped to notice progressions of issues. Because there is a lot of technology a dentist can use, the process is less intrusive than you might expect. Intraoral cameras, digital X-rays, and CT scans are all used to make sure your dentist has the clearest possible picture of your mouth’s health. If your dentist does notice something out of the ordinary, they will recommend an appropriate course of action to address it. 

Contact Us If You Have Questions Exams And Cleanings.

In addition to brushing and flossing every day, regular checkups and exams are essential for making sure your mouth and teeth are as healthy as possible. To schedule an appointment and to learn about what we can do for you, please contact your Austin, MN, dentists, Dr. Potach and Dr. Mitchell, by calling 507-437-6312.