Securing Your Dental Implants

austin dental implants

We have a strong and lifelike option to replace a single missing tooth, or even secure a fixed prosthetic. Dental implants are very different from other prosthetic options, and can in fact last for a lifetime in some cases. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists talk about how we successfully secure and protect your new dental implants.

What Makes Dental Implants Different?

Traditional dental bridges need crowns attached to natural teeth to stay in place. Partial dentures also attach to natural teeth with clasps, and removable full dentures rely on suction or adhesives. This means the jawbone around the missing teeth continues to be denied key nutrients by the body, since there is no longer a root there. The result is the gradual breakdown and loss of mass and density, which causes further tooth loss and an aged appearance. With dental implants, we insert a new root into the jaw. The body resumes the flow of nutrients, and this preserves the jaw. Your new tooth will be more secure, and also last decades, while traditional prosthetics usually need replacement every ten years or so.

Planning the Placement Process

We use digital x-rays and intraoral oral cameras to carefully examine the smile and plan the placement of your new roots. We choose the best position and angle to support a restoration or crown, and stimulate the growth of bone tissue. We then guide them into place with digital technology. They bond with the jaw through a process known as osseointegration, which is possible since each post is made from biocompatible titanium materials. After placement, the area will need to heal before we move forward with the attachment to the restoration or prosthetic.

Your Restoration (or Prosthetic)

Once the area heals, we will attach an abutment to the posts that extends above the gum line. For a single missing tooth, we will attach a crown to the abutment. The crown will be custom-made to look great and absorb daily bite forces. For multiple missing teeth, we could affix a badge, partial, or full denture. The prosthetics will be able to last a lifetime, never require removal, and won’t slip when you eat or speak. If you have missing teeth, then let us know today. We can start treatment so you’re on your way to full smile for 2021 ends, and you can also use your remaining dental insurance benefits or health savings funds. If you have any questions, then give us a call today.

Talk To Your Austin, MN Dentist About Implant Dentistry

We don’t want your oral health to suffer due to the impact of untreated tooth loss. To find out more about securing a new tooth ready to last for decades, then contact your Austin, MN, dentists, Dr. Potach and Dr. Mitchell, by calling 507-437-6312.