How Do We Stop TMJ Disorder?

austin tmj disorder

TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, is a common oral health concern. This could lead to serious trouble for your oral health, including trouble opening and closing your mouth. However, your Austin, MN, dentists can offer relief with a custom-made oral appliance. In today’s blog, we’re looking at how we stop TMJ disorder.

Warning Signs of TMD

How do you know if you need treatment for an issue like TMJ disorder? The disorder often occurs when bite imbalance or jaw joint strain develops. Common causes may include injury to the face or jaw, dental misalignment, malocclusion, and tooth loss. High levels of stress could be a factor too. In addition to trouble opening and closing your mouth, symptoms could include headaches, migraines, jaw and facial pain, and aches in the neck and shoulders. For others, a popping or clicking sensation in the jaw could develop.

Dangers for Your Smile

The disorder could be a source of friend pain in and around your jaw and face, which impacts how you eat and speak. Without treatment, this could also increase the risk of an associated disorder known as bruxism. With bruxism, you grind and clench your teeth on a regular basis. Without treatment, this could place serious pressure on your teeth, wearing down outer structure and even cracking or chipping them. The damage then increases the risk of painful cavities or even dental infections! The risk of losing a tooth increases too.

Treatment with an Oral Appliance

How do we offer relief? For some, this could be done with orthodontic care to correct misalignment. Bite balance could be restored with the placement of a dental crown too. You could also make changes in your daily life to help reduce strain on your jaw joints, like changes to your diet, muscle exercises, and the sue or a warm compress to ease pressure.

However, the most common option we offer is an oral appliance. The device will look and fit much like a simple nightguard, and is worn as you sleep at night. The appliance is custom-made and fitted for your smile. At night, the device actually helps reposition your jaw to ease pressure and strain, and to help restore bite balance. You then avoid worsening symptoms and discomfort! If you grind your teeth, this also helps by putting a barrier between the upper and lower sets of teeth, preventing further damage to your smile.

Talk To Our Austin, MN Dentist’s Office About TMD Treatment

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