The Popping Sensation In Your Jaw Could Mean TMD

When you notice a popping or clicking sensation in your jaw, this could be more than a minor irritant. In fact, this could signal that you have strained jaw joints that need treatment! In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists will explain how to recognize TMJ disorder, also known as TMD, and when to contact our team for treatment.

The Causes of TMJ Disorder

Our jaw joints connect the jaw to the skull, and are responsible for the movements and actions necessary to eat and speak. However, when they become stressed and strained, this could upset the balance of the smile and lead to TMJ disorder. Possible causes include injury to the face or jaw, missing teeth, dental misalignment, untreated teeth grinding, or problems with the growth and development of your jaw or the eruption of the teeth. As part of your treatment, we will assess the factors behind your TMD with a detailed exam using advanced digital technology.

Clicking Jaws and Other Warning Signs

People with the disorder may report a clicking or crackling sensation in the jaw, as well as regular headaches or migraines. Jaw pain, neck aches, facial discomfort, and pain in the shoulders are common too. The disorder could increase the risk of teeth grinding, so you may experience tooth sensitivity or toothaches too. If you encounter one or more of these issues, please let us know right away so we can schedule a diagnosis and start the treatment process! You can also ease tension with a warm washcloth against the side of the face, or by avoiding hard or chewy foods, as the actions to consume them could exacerbate symptoms!

Diagnosis and Treatment

After we diagnose the severity of your TMD, we will take detailed impressions and images with digital technology. The resulting images and measurements enable our team to design and fabricate the finished product in a dental lab setting. The oral appliance will fit comfortably over the teeth like a nightguard, and is worn as you sleep. At night, the oral appliance then repositions the jaw to ease strain and pressure on the joints and improve the bite balance. Along with an oral appliance, we could discuss orthodontics or possibly dental crown placement to help manage the issue. Don’t live with persistent discomfort in and around your smile, instead contact our team to talk about possible solution and enjoy optimal oral health once again.

Do You Have Questions About Preventive Treatments?

Relieving jaw joint strain could be essential for protecting a smile’s health and comfort, helping your avoid worsening pain and complications. For more information on how we improve the balance and bite of your smile, contact Potach and Mitchel Dental in Austin, MN, today at 507-437-6312.