What Does A Toothache Actually Mean?

Have you noticed a tooth that feels sensitive when you eat or drink? Do you have an ache that doesn’t go away after a few days? In these scenarios, your Austin, MN, dentists could recommend a restorative solution to stop discomfort and protect the smile from complications, such as an infected or abscessed tooth!

Temporary Toothaches

We could often have an ache that develops in our smile, but only lasts for a few hours. For example, if we have a sinus infection tooth sensitivity is common. Minor aches could arise due to allergy issues, changes in elevation, or even due to a cold day. However, these pass after a few hours. But if you have discomfort that persists after a day or two, then you should let your dentist know right away!

Signs of Cavities and Infection

Cavities occurs when harmful bacteria is able to reach the inner layers of dentin, and an infection means bacteria has made contact with the inner pulp. Usually, the outermost layer of enamel prevents this, but poor oral hygiene, such as lack of proper brushing and flossing, and a diet high in sugar, could mean plaque buildup, weakened enamel, and painful complications. Lack of treatment could cause a tooth to become lost, or require extraction to prevent the infection from reaching other parts of your smile. If you have discomfort, let us know so we can schedule a time to see you. Using advanced digital technology, our team will carefully examine your smile to identify the cause and assess the severity of your decay or infection. From there, we choose the most appropriate treatment option for you.

Our Restorative Treatments

For a cavity, we could place a filling. The process only takes one visit, and uses a metal-free composite resin we shade to blend with your smile. For more severe cases, we could place a crown which caps the tooth and again, is crafted from materials that blend with the rest of your smile. Should an infection arise, we can use a root canal to remove infected tissues, before we cap the tooth with a custom-made dental crown. Afterward, we suggest seeing us for regular checkups every six months, so we can keep an eye on your smile and identify future cases early, often before you experience discomfort. If you have any questions about our restorative treatments, or about the factors behind your toothaches, then please contact our team today to learn more.

Do You Have Questions About Aching Teeth?

Remember, pain and sensitivity in your smile could mean you have an issue that needs treatment right away. For more information on how we use restorative care to put a stop to discomfort, contact Potach and Mitchel Dental in Austin, MN, today at 507-437-6312.