Will Bonding And Contouring Fix Your Smile?

When you have problems with both the color and shape of your teeth, then cosmetic dentistry could help you transform your appearance. Fortunately, we can do this without requiring multiple visits! In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists will explain how we can use bonding and contouring to fix teeth in just one visit.

The Bonding Process

With dental bonding, we use the same material that makes our tooth-colored dental fillings possible. Composite resin is a blend of glass and acrylic that is metal-free and can be color-matched to blend with your tooth. We start the process by removing any decay and thoroughly cleaning the tooth. We may etch the surface before we apply the bonding material. As we cure the composite resin underneath a light, the dentist will sculpt and mold the tooth to ensure proper bite balance and esthetics. We then polish the tooth.

The procedure could be used to mask permanent teeth stains, which otherwise may not respond to teeth whitening. We also close embarrassing gaps or black triangle spaces between the teeth. Treatment could also be used to repair minor chips and cracks, lengthen worn down teeth, and even repair malformed teeth, all in a single visit!

Contouring Your Teeth

We could perform contouring in the same visit, or in a separate one, as the procedure also takes only a short time to complete. With contouring, we don’t need to add a special material to the tooth. Instead, we gently remove outer structure by sanding and buffing the tooth. We could remove pits, grooves, or rough patches in the outer surfaces of the teeth, or reshape overly large or malformed teeth. We’ve also dulled sharp or pointed teeth too.

A Smile Makeover

We could whiten your teeth beforehand to ensure your repairs match your brightest smiles. For a smile makeover, we could also employ bonding and contouring to the side and rear teeth, and provide lifelike porcelain veneers for the front-facing ones. Combining these with one or more cosmetic or restorative treatments could help you enjoy optimal oral health and a more attractive smile too. If you have any questions about cosmetic dentistry, then contact our team to schedule a consultation. After we examine your smile with advanced technology, we can create a treatment plan to decide which ones will best correct the beauty of your smile. Talk to our team today, we would love to help you obtain a stunning new smile in 2021.

Ready to Restore Your Smile?

We know that an attractive smile is important, which is why we offer an array of cosmetic treatment options. Be sure to contact Potach and Mitchel Dental in Austin, MN, today at 507-437-6312. Our team is ready to help you tackle your cosmetic issues, in only one visit too!