How Can I Be Sure That A Cosmetic Procedure Is Right For Me?

You can picture yourself with a better, brighter smile, one that is no longer affected by any alignment issues, dental discoloration, or damage. However, you may not be able to name what procedure or procedures will be necessary to give you the results you want. How can you move forward with cosmetic dental work when you are not sure how different treatments can benefit you? At our Austin, MN dentist’s office, we can review your different options for treatment and help you understand how your desired changes can be made. A consultation can be particularly helpful for those who want to make several changes, as they can learn that as little as one procedure is all they need to see the results that they really desire!

How Would You Like To Change Your Smile?

Whether you have one change you wish to make or several, you can be prepared to explain how you hope a cosmetic procedure will alter your appearance. Some patients look into cosmetic services because they are tired of feeling self-conscious about teeth stains. Others will grow concerned over the impact that wear and tear has had on their appearance. While it is often thought of as something that requires orthodontic work, we can speak to you about cosmetic solutions for problems with poor teeth spacing and alignment.

Reviewing Your Options For Cosmetic Services

We offer multiple services for patients who are ready to change the way they look. For teeth stains that have proven hard to remove, we can talk to you about the benefits of a professional whitening treatment. The whitening agents that we rely on to address stains are more potent than those found in store bought kits, so you can see improvements that have been out of reach in the past. For problems that affect the shape, size, or general condition of your teeth, we can recommend having porcelain veneers placed. We also have the option of tooth bonding and contouring to make these changes. Bonding and contouring can require fewer changes to your tooth structure, but veneers can offer more durable changes.

Will The Results Of Cosmetic Work Last?

The goal of any cosmetic treatment is to produce long-term improvements. After undergoing treatment, you should feel confident that your smile will benefit from your dentist’s care for many years. If you want to make sure your results last, make sure you stay consistent with regular dental exams and keep up with good daily hygiene practices.

Arrange Cosmetic Treatment With Your Austin, MN Dentist’s Office!

Our Austin, MN dentist’s office is ready to meet with you and discuss the benefits of different cosmetic dental services! If you have a specific treatment that you want, or if you still wish to learn about your options for smile improvement, contact your Austin, MN, dentists, Dr. Potach and Dr. Mitchell, by calling 507-437-6312.