Achieving Brighter Smiles With Teeth Whitening

When our smiles become stained, this dulls their impact and may cause embarrassment. To brighten your smile, we can remove discoloration with in-office or at-home teeth whitening! In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists discuss the difference between these procedures, and also look at masking permanent teeth stains too!

Our Single-Visit Treatment

For most surface stains, we can offer a brighter appearance in just one visit. Our in-office procedure takes about one to two hours to complete, so you leave with a significantly brighter smile. People often choose this option if they have big events coming up and need quick results. We start by placing a protective covering on your lips and gums, and then placing a powerful bleaching gel onto the surfaces of your teeth. A special light is then used to activate the bleaching gel, which begins to brighten the smile.

A Brighter Smile from Home

We also have an option you can use at home. The home-based option not only reduces the risk of tooth sensitivity, but can also address more severe cases of discoloration. We start with an initial office visit, in which we create a set of custom-made plastic trays, designed specifically for your smile. We send these trays home with you, along with a bleaching gel. At home the trays will be filled with the gel and worn for about 30 to 45 minutes on average. The total amount of time will depend on the extent of your discoloration, but usually falls between a week and ten days. You then keep the trays and any remaining gel for touch-ups in the coming months, keeping your smile bright and beautiful!

Masking Permanent Discoloration

The treatments above mainly address extrinsic stains, which form on the surfaces of your teeth. But what about intrinsic stains, also known as permanent teeth stains? These form underneath the enamel and may be difficult to remove. If you have severe intrinsic discoloration, then we have options to simply mask your stains and instantly brighten your teeth, such as one-visit dental bonding or our lifelike porcelain veneers. We can also discuss preventive methods at home and in our office to protect your smile from stains, and preserve your oral health a swell. If you have any questions about our teeth whitening options, then contact our team today to learn more!


Our team is ready to help remove minor and severe cases of dental discoloration. To learn more about our approach to cosmetic dentistry, then schedule an appointment with the Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic, contact our Austin, MN dental office today by calling 507-437-6312. Our office welcomes patients from Austin, MN and surrounding communities.