Our Tooth-Colored Solutions For Tooth Decay

When you have a cavity, you need treatment to protect your smile from complications like dental infections or even tooth loss. Fortunately, not only do we have the ability to halt decay, but we can offer treatments that look natural and blend with your smile. In today’s blog, your Austin, MN, dentists will discuss the benefits of a tooth-colored dental filling.

The Signs You Need Treatment

How do you know if you have a cavity that needs attention? Well, you may experience tooth sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks, or toothaches that grow worse with time. If you attend routine checkup and cleaning appointments every six months, then our team will likely identify and treat cavities in the earliest stages, often before you experience discomfort. Once you have a tooth that aches, that means you have a higher risk of an infection or abscess developing, which could increase the risk of tooth loss!

Creating Tooth-Colored Fillings

Instead of metal, we use composite resin to create our fillings. The material is a metal-free blend of glass and acrylic, which is safe for people of all ages and can be shaded to blend with your smile, matching the color of the tooth. When a tooth has a cavity, we remove the decay and then clean the tooth thoroughly. We prepare and place the material in several layers, and then sculpt the tooth as the composite resin cures under a special light. The final step involves polishing the tooth to ensure a more lifelike appearance.

Avoiding Cavities

Following treatment, you should consider making a few changes to your day-to-day routine to help lower your risk of developing cavities. For example, consuming fewer foods and drinks high in sugary denies fuel to harmful bacteria, leading to a less plaque buildup and reducing the risk of cavities. You also help by removing food particles trapped on and between the teeth, which is possible when you brush your teeth after waking up and before going to bed, and using a fluoride toothpaste when you do. You also need to floss before bed to reach what a toothbrush alone cannot. You should see us every six months so we can monitor your smile and remove plaque buildup too. If you have any questions about treating tooth decay, then contact our team today!


Our team wants to offer options that look great and provide treatment with precision and accuracy. To learn more about our approach to lifelike dental restorations, then schedule an appointment with the Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic, contact our Austin, MN dental office today by calling 507-437-6312. Our office welcomes patients from Austin, MN and surrounding communities.