Treating Dental Emergencies

Our team is continuing to offer emergency dental care for residents of Austin, MN, and surrounding communities. But what constitutes a dental emergency, and when should you contact our team to schedule an appointment? We’re talking about this, as well as how to respond to a common emergency, in today’s blog!

What is a Dental Emergency?

So when should you see us for treatment? Well, emergencies often include chipped, broken, or cracked teeth, even if the damage appears very minor. A small chip could still lead to a higher risk of cavities or even a dental infection! A restoration that is loose or missing is also a major cause for concern, as is something stuck between your teeth that causes discomfort and cannot be removed with floss. If a tooth begins to ache and the discomfort doesn’t pass after a day, then let us know. This could indicate a severely decayed or infected tooth that needs to treatment to avoiding being lost!

Repairing Your Smile

When you contact our office, we will schedule a time to see you and examine your smile. We then offer treatment. For minor damage, procedures that dental bonding could offer restoration and repair in a single sitting. We could also create and place custom-made crowns, which are durable and designed to mimic the beauty of your smile. We can replace older restorations that have become loose or lost, and also offer fillings or even root canal therapy to address decayed or infected teeth, addressing discomfort and protecting the overall health and function of your smile.

When you visit our team, we will take steps to ensure you’re the only patient in the waiting room, and in between each visit, our team will thoroughly clean and disinfect surfaces throughout the waiting room, bathroom, and office. Our team takes steps to ensure the health and safety of our patients and team members.

Minimizing Discomfort Until We Can See You

When first faced with an aching or damaged tooth, rinse your mouth with warm water and take a pain reliever to ease discomfort. If there is bleeding, use a washcloth to control it, and a cold compress or ice pack against the side of the face could reduce facial swelling. If you have any questions about how we repair and restore smiles, or if you think you may have an emergency issue that needs attention, then please contact our team today.


Our team is ready to help you maintain a healthy and whole smile. To schedule an appointment with the Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic, contact our Austin, MN dental office today by calling 507-437-6312. Our office welcomes patients from Austin, MN and surrounding communities.