Restore Your Smile’s Youth with a Crown or Bridge

Nothing will age your smile faster than decayed or missing teeth. When your teeth suffer damage from bacterial infections, they become weathered and they don’t function as well. If one or more of your teeth have become seriously infected by bacteria, it’s time to choose a restorative solution. Options like dental crowns and bridges can repair and replace your damaged teeth and restore your smile’s youthful appearance. Don’t let your teeth continue to suffer. Rebuild your smile now by exploring your options for dental crowns and dental bridges.

Dental Crowns Cover and Protect Damaged Teeth

A dental crown can be used to repair and save a tooth that has been damaged, but retains a healthy root structure. The root structure is what gives a tooth its strength and bite power. If your tooth has a healthy root structure in place, it can often be saved. A dental crown is fabricated to look just like the top portion of a natural tooth. The crown is carefully placed over the damaged tooth. Before this happens, your dentist will typically sculpt the natural tooth quite a bit to create a sort of post where the crown can fit.

Dental Bridges Replace a Series of Missing Teeth

Dental bridges are considered a dental prosthetic option because they replace missing teeth. If you’re missing one or more teeth in a row, a dental bridge may be able to help. A dental bridge is composed of pontics (replacement teeth) that are bookended by dental crowns. The crowns are placed on your natural teeth, and they’re used to hold the pontics in place. A dental bridge can be fabricated to look just like natural teeth — matching color and shine — so restoring the youthful glow that is lost when your teeth fall out is possible.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options Can Brighten Your Smile

It’s never too late to restore a youthful appearance to your smile. If you have damaged teeth, dental crowns can help. If you are missing teeth, a dental bridge might be best. If your smile simply could use a brighter shade, then professional teeth whitening might be the right option for you. Maybe your teeth need some gentle shaping. Then bonding and contouring may work. There are many different cosmetic dentistry options that can be used to make slight adjustments to the appearance of your smile and have you looking your best.


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