Electric Toothbrushes: Is It Worth The Switch?

When you hear about electric toothbrushes, do you get that feeling? You know, the one that causes you to feel like you’ve really missed the boat and that it’s high time you finally invest in this more advanced version of the manual brush you use for dental hygiene on a daily basis? If so, we encourage you to slow down for a moment and ask yourself, is it worth the switch? In some cases, you will find that swapping out your bristles for powered ones will certainly be to your benefit. However, our Austin, MN team is happy to highlight that in some cases, you may already be doing just what your oral health needs! Learn more.

If You Brush Aggressively…

We want you to remember that brushing your smile aggressively will only lead to bad results for your grin. With that said, we also want you to remember that if you’re doing this and you find that even with your best intentions, you have a hard time not brushing with too much intensity, an electric toothbrush can be the magical solution you’ve been looking for. You can feel as you brush with it that it’s powerful, so it’s very easy to use a light hand. The result? You’re brushing gently, as we suggest, and keeping your oral health safe.

If Your Teeth Never Feel Clean…

Do you tend to feel like no matter how you approach brushing with your manual brushing, and no matter how dedicated you are to flossing, you’re just not getting your smile very clean? Perhaps you realize that even with your best efforts, you’re still getting the occasional cavity. If so, it’s worth trying an electric toothbrush to keep your oral health safer. This type of brush creates a staggering increase in strokes per second, which may be the additional cleansing power you need.

If You’re Perfectly Happy And Successful…

Do you find that every time you come in for your dental cleaning and checkup with us, your smile is usually in very good condition? If this is the case, you’re perfectly happy with your manual toothbrush, and you seem to be enjoying excellent success with your dental hygiene, there’s not necessarily a reason to switch to an electric brush unless you’re simply interested!

Consider Ways To Improve Smile Health

Come in to talk with us if you feel like you’re doing all that you can with your dental hygiene but that you need some help making your home care more effective. Remember that we are always here to offer guidance! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.