Smile Care: Alternatives For Stuff You Really Dislike

Sometimes, even though you know that you should be taking care of your smile in a particular way, there’s something about that task that you really, really dislike. What are you supposed to do in this instance? Force yourself through a generally unbearable chore in the name of oral health protection? Or, should you just skip it, cross your fingers, and hope for the best? Of course, if you ask our Austin, MN team about how to move forward, the answer is a simple one! Always keep up with prevention! Just remember to make changes along the way by seeking out alternatives that will make you smile and help you protect your smile!

The Texture Of Paste Toothpaste

Yuck! You’ve always used toothpaste that, as the name suggests, comes in a paste consistency. However, you really dislike it. The good news is that you have other options. Remember that trying out a gel toothpaste can work wonders because it may feel completely different as you brush. Head to the drugstore just as soon as you can, as you browse through your options and try out something that will likely offer you the much more enjoyable alternative your oral health needs.

The Feeling Of Brushing Your Tongue

If you’re not terribly interested in ending up with problems related to your dental hygiene, then you’re going to have to be quite thorough about your care at home. This means not only are you going to have to floss your entire smile and brush it, too, but you need to include your tongue in the mix! However, if you absolutely detest the feeling of brush bristles along your tongue tissue, you are facing a serious challenge. What now? The good news is that we have an easy, very comfortable, and effective alternative for you: It’s called the tongue scraper! Pick one up at your local drugstore. (Hint: There’s no actual scraping involved, just the gentle dragging of a smooth device to remove buildup).

Regular Old Teeth Brushing

If you really just don’t enjoy brushing your teeth, then you may feel like you have a bit of a problem! If you stop, of course, you’re headed straight for oral health issues and a definite future that will include restorative care. How to stop this from happening? Well, you should really consider trying an electric toothbrush. It is very easy, comfortable, and effective, and just might transform your entire experience for the better!

Consider Product Alternatives With Our Team

Let us know if you’re having a problem with a particular dental hygiene item you know is essential, so we can talk with you about alternative solutions that will let you continue protecting your oral health. Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.