4 Ways Your Toothbrush Cannot Work For You

On one hand, you know that your toothbrush can work in amazing ways on your behalf! After all, it makes up the majority of your daily cleansing power, which helps you avoid cavities, prevent the otherwise very quick development of discoloration, and more. With that said, our Austin, MN team reminds you that even though your bristles and brush handle will help you accomplish quite a lot in terms of smile health protection, it’s certainly no magic wand! Ensure you’re using your brush for its purposes (and not expecting anything extra), so you know you’re putting your grin in good hands.

#1: As A Teeth Whitener

It might seem like a logical approach to getting your smile whiter. It seems like scrubbing away should do the trick to get rid of those pesky surface stains, right? Well, you have some problems if that’s your mindset. First, because staining is within your tooth’s top layer, not on top of it. Next, because if you scrub and scrub, you’ll damage your teeth. So, remember: Your brush can help you prevent stains as part of your smile health protection but it cannot fix what teeth whitening can help you with!

#2: As A Dental Floss Replacement

Try as you might, you are not going to be able to replace your dental floss with your toothbrush. Yes, you can carefully slip some of those bristles between teeth and you definitely brush along your gumline. However, no matter your attempts, you’re still going to require floss for the truly thorough cleansing of your smile, which promotes optimal smile health!

#3: As An Oral Health Fixer Upper

Think that you can just brush your smile health problems away? Of the mind that with enough brushing, your cavity will heal? This isn’t how dental care works. While you should always practice your dental hygiene thoroughly on a daily basis, remember that when you need a repair, you need our restorative care.

#4: As A Chronic Halitosis Solution

Yes, you can get your bad breath from dinner to go away with brushing. Or, you can get your morning breath to go away with brushing. However, your toothbrush cannot address halitosis that’s caused by a more serious concern. For this breath issue, come in for care!

When You Need Professional Care, Call Us

Try to avoid falling into the trap of expecting your toothbrush to do everything for you in terms of your oral health. When you need professional dental care for more than daily hygiene, come in to see our team! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.