Why Your Denture Hurts (And What To Do ASAP)! 

One day, you may find that you’re having a perfectly normal, comfortable experience with your smile and that all is well. The next? Out of what you assume is the clear blue, your full or partial denture stars to cause you discomfort. It may be some rubbing, serious pain, pressure, or otherwise. The fact of the matter is: It’s not good! While you may feel unsure about how to proceed, our Austin, MN team can tell you in no uncertain terms, your discomfort means something isn’t quite right and you need to see us! As for the particulars, let’s saunter our way through them with you.

It’s Damaged

If you’re a patient who wears a denture, we want you to remember something very important: If your denture is causing you pain, it might be damaged. However, you may not be able to see that damage has occurred. You may not even remember it happening. Still, it is extremely important that you visit us to take care of the problem. Addressing damage will ensure a proper fit, will stop potential problems like rubbing and the development of ulcers, etc. When in doubt, get in touch with us!

It No Longer Fits Correctly

You might assume that once you receive your denture and it fits beautifully, it’s going to fit forever. However, we remind patients that if you’re wearing either a full or partial denture, it’s always possible for the shape of your smile to change, even slightly, which can then cause your device to stop fitting as well as it should. This, again, may result in friction or pressure, which may damage your oral health and cause discomfort. Rather than ignoring it, we strongly suggest you address it with our help.

It Never Fit Correctly!

Did you receive your denture from us? If not and you can attest to the fact that it never really seemed to fit correctly, then we remind you that this is always something that should be addressed immediately. When you are well aware that the fit of any of your dental work is not accurate, you need a repair or a replacement to protect both your comfort and your oral health.

See Us Right Away

What to do? Come in. Let us check out any irritation, examine your denture, and help you move forward with a solution!

See Our Team If Your Denture Hurts

Never ignore discomfort, whether you are uncertain of the source or you are aware of its exact cause. Remember that addressing a problem like a damaged denture is essential in protecting your smile now and in the long run! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.