Make Nighttime Smile Care Simpler

In the morning, you’re full of fresh energy. It’s all about checking things off of your list, as you prepare for the day ahead! Of course, you wouldn’t ever leave your home without brushing! However, when it’s time to wind down for the evening, you’ve got your jammies on, you’re cozy indoors with dim lighting, and you’d really just love to crawl into bed, this might cause you a bit of a problem when it comes to your nighttime smile care. Are you skipping sessions? Accidentally falling asleep before you manage to brush and floss? While it may seem hopeless, our Austin, MN team has the tricks you need to simplify and succeed!

Make Sure The Bathroom Is Ready

At night, when you’re tired, and you drag yourself into the bathroom, if you cannot find your toothpaste because your kids snagged it and used it in their bathroom or you left your floss in your car, you’re probably going to want to give up and just get into bed. So, to make your sleepy time smile care something that’s ready for you to accomplish, make sure in advance that you have everything you need waiting for you! We remind you that when you dedicate products to different spaces (such as work, your bathroom, your car), you don’t have to juggle them!

Don’t Turn Lights Out Until You’re Brushed And Flossed!

One of the easiest ways to miss out on your smile care at night, even when you have excellent intentions, is to turn out the lights and curl up in bed (or on the sofa!) before you’ve brushed (and flossed, if you floss at night). You might get too drowsy and even fall asleep for the night before you manage to practice your dental hygiene (which can cause cavities)! Always care for your smile first and then turn out the lights!

Set A Time That You Follow Every Night

What time is smile care time? Are you shaking your head from side to side because this isn’t something that exists in your world? Not yet, anyway! If you’re finding that motivating yourself to follow through on essential nighttime dental care is sporadic at best, set a time. For instance, brush and floss every night at 8:30pm. That way, it’s a sure thing that you’ve already planned!

Improve Your Smile Protection With Easy Tips

Don’t let a little bit of difficulty with your nighttime dental care throw your otherwise dedicated dental care off track. Instead, streamline the details by checking in with us for help during your next preventive visit! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.