Why Does My Mouth Hurt?

If you’re dealing with oral pain, there are a few things that our Austin, MN team suggests you do. We know that it can be very easy to become overwhelmed when this type of discomfort arrives but we remind you that from this point forward, if you stick to some easy-to-follow suggestions, you will be guiding yourself back toward a healthy smile and a comfortable smile with serious haste. Remember: We are here to help you and offer the complete array of dental services you need!

It’s Coming From Your Jaw

Your mouth may hurt because, actually, your jaw joints hurt. These are also known as your TMJs, which stands for temporomandibular joints. They are the structure that lets you open your mouth and close it (and it even gives you the ability to move your jaw side to side). When these joints are not in their best condition, they may hurt. That soreness won’t always remain in that one isolated spot. Instead, pain can radiate into your mouth, your face, your neck, your head, your shoulders, and beyond! So, schedule a checkup if you deal with a painful mouth and remember that you’re not stuck with oral pain. We offer TMJ treatment and more!

You Need Restorative Care

An extremely common cause of oral pain? Something is wrong with your structures as a result of an existing oral disease or damage. That could include tooth decay, an infected tooth, a cracked tooth, etc. Don’t forget that there’s nothing you can do about these types of oral concerns at home or with your own efforts. However, you can completely restore your oral health and say goodbye to pain when you visit us for the restorative care you need. So, again, schedule a checkup when you hurt!

Your Dental Work Needs Some Help

Have you ever had a filling? A dental crown? Do you have a bridge in place? How about a denture? When you receive dental work of any kind, it is important to keep in mind that it can absolutely last for years if not decades. However, it is also vulnerable to damage or to suddenly not fitting. Remember that your mouth may be perfectly fine but that dental work requiring a repair or replacement may lead to discomfort. See us soon, so we may help!

Restore Your Smile With Quick Help

Come in for the dental care services you need when you are dealing with any type of oral discomfort. We are here to guide you with answers, care, and advice for smile protection into the future. Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.