Easy Ways To Keep Dental Floss With You (And Why You Should)

Remember that there aren’t any excuses when it comes to dental hygiene. Sure, you can say, “Oh no, but I ran out of dental floss!” but that won’t protect you from the consequences that come from a lack of flossing. Did you know that missing your flossing session for just one day can actually cause very real problems for your smile health? To ensure you are always prepared to clean between teeth and just beneath gum tissue, our Austin, MN practice offers some helpful ways you can keep it on hand and why it’s so very important that you do so!

Keep Trial Size Containers Everywhere

Our team suggests you stock up on those little trial-size dental floss containers (you can usually find them in the trial-size section of the drugstore for the items you pick up when you’re about to travel). Then, proceed to keep them everywhere you spend any amount of time. For instance, keep one near your desk, toss one into the collection in your bathroom, place one in your backpack or handbag, keep one in your laptop case. When they’re close at hand, you’ll never find yourself in a pickle when you could really use some floss for your smile health.

Bring Floss Picks When You’re On-The-Go

While we don’t suggest the use of floss picks on a regular basis (it’s one small piece of floss that isn’t appropriate for a full smile cleansing and the toothpick end can lead to injury if you aren’t careful), this is certainly something that will help you out if you’re on the go and in a pinch. When you get something stuck between your teeth and it’s either uncomfortable or unsightly, just reach for your pick, use the floss end, remove the debris, and your appearance and smile health are good to go.

Keep Floss In Your Travel Case

Do you have a toiletries case that you always bring with you on trips? Why not add a dedicated container of floss that you never remove? As a result, you will always have it with you when you’re out of town (rather than accidentally leaving it at home), so you’re preventing cavities 24/7, anywhere in the world, without stop!

Floss Better With Our Help

Learn more about how to keep up with optimal flossing (and to do so consistently) when you visit with our team. Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.