Why You Shouldn’t Mess Around With Gum Disease

Do you really know much about why our Austin, MN team consistently does our best not only to help you avoid tooth decay but also to ensure you are avoiding gum disease, too? When this is a problem you’ve never experienced before and a topic for which you’re not full of information, you may have a hard time feeling very concerned about it. Let us help you feel more proactive about protecting your gums! You’ll certainly be happy about it down the road.

It Can Require Specialized Care

One reason that you should realize messing around with gum disease is something you’ll want to avoid? Even if it’s just gingivitis, it’s likely going to end up requiring you to see a specialist. This may be something you need to do for an extended period of time. Remember that this disease can spread and affect your periodontal tissues, which means you may end up needing to see a periodontist. Stick with us and enjoy traditional cleanings, instead, by protecting your gum health, so you never have to worry about additional care!

It Can Cause Some Surprisingly Serious Damage

If you think that all gum disease does is cause you to have some not-so-fresh breath and red, inflamed gums, think again. As it worsens, it actually damages and destroys your tissue. It does this to such an extent that it can harm your jaw tissue and cause you to lose your teeth. Don’t let this happen!

It’s So Easy To Prevent

You may think that’s it’s really no big deal when you decide you’re not that interested in brushing, flossing, or setting up (and attending) your cleanings and checkups with us. “Who care?” you might think to yourself, “So I end up with a cavity or my gums aren’t perfect?” The truth is, though, that these and other oral diseases are not going to be a minor inconvenience. What may begin, for instance, as some mild gum inflammation will, as mentioned, eventually destroy your smile. It’s so easy to prevent gum disease, that we encourage you to choose this route rather than tempting fate! As mentioned, it’s as easy as:

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Seeing us two times each year

Come In For Help Right Away With Gum Disease

If you are experiencing gum problems or symptoms, then it is time to come in immediately, so we may help. Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.