Let’s Have A Quick Chat About Prevention

It is most certainly time to have a quick chat about preventive dental care. Why is it time, you ask? Well, because the topic of prevention is always relevant and, as the year winds down, this is something of which we need to remind you! Perhaps you’re under the illusion that you can back off from your usual habits, that prevention is for “some but not others,” or that you may as well just rely on restorative care instead if a problem arises. To all of this, our Austin, MN team reminds you: In the world of dental care, prevention is your best friend! Find out more.

It’s So, So, So Important!

We prefer, of course, to be quite positive about your oral health and to talk about only wonderful things! However, sometimes it is simply essential to talk about the negatives. Keep in mind that the reason preventive dental care is so very significant is the fact that it can help you avoid an exceptionally long list of smile problems! Let’s talk about why coming in for dental cleanings with us (and dental checkups) is going to be a very worthwhile choice: You will avoid plaque and tartar buildup that you cannot prevent all by yourself, which helps you avoid cavities, infections, gum disease, and tooth loss! You can also receive immediate care should functional problems like TMJ disorder develop!

You Need It Every Day, No Matter What

There may be part of you that figures you don’t really need to practice preventive care because you think your smile is so healthy (and never seems to develop problems), that you must be one of the lucky individuals whose teeth and gums don’t require dental hygiene. Or, you may take one look in the mirror and figure that your smile is so far behind on care, you know that your oral health needs serious work, so you figure any preventive effort will simply be wasted. Neither is true! Everyone need to brush and floss every day. Everyone also needs preventive visits. Remember, if your smile appears to be immaculate prevention keeps it that way. If your smile is already damaged, prevention keeps it from declining more quickly or from developing additional problems. Remember: Two visits with us a year, two brushing sessions daily, one flossing session daily, and you’re golden!

Make Preventive Care Your New Priority

If you’re not already very loyal to your preventive care for your smile, then it is time to make a change! Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.