Thanksgiving: Foods That Support Healthy Smiles!

As you know, there’s a list a mile long of foods that are oh so delicious, which you can find at your Turkey Day celebration, that might not be so great for your smile health. If you decide to pile your plate high with apple pie, cookies, fudge, and cranberry sauce, you’re aiming for the development of cavities (and stains, too!). So, what exactly can you eat that is going to support your smile without causing you to worry that you’re attacking your oral health? Not to worry: Some time-honored favorites our Austin, MN team is happy to share with you are actually quite wonderful for your teeth and gums!


Ask us about the types of foods you should avoid and those you should eat during your next checkup with us and at the top of the list will be foods high in protein! Keep in mind that protein-based foods like turkey that’s nearly always present on Thanksgiving is going to be good for your smile health. It’s not going to feed the bacteria in your smile (they prefer sugar and carbohydrates), so you’ll be strengthening and protecting teeth, while you dig in!


Sure, you may really want to reach over to the stack of cookies and brownies that are already out on the table as “appetizer” food before the big meal begins. However, if you’re wanting to keep your oral health nice and safe throughout Turkey Day, you may wish to think again! Check the table for cheese or other calcium-rich foods. They’ll help stop that rumbling in your tummy and they happen to be extremely good for your smile and teeth strength!


Yep, nuts can crack your teeth if you aren’t careful and you decide that you’re going to break their shells off with your smile. However, when you’re not trying to pretend to be a human nutcracker, softer nuts that are easy on your teeth are actually extremely good for your oral health. So, if you’re looking for another smile-safe snack (that’s likely at your Thanksgiving Day party), this will work!

Keep Teeth Clean And Healthy With Professional Care

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