The Small Spaces In Your Smile: Are You Stuck With Them?

When you look in the mirror and all that you see, instead of your lovely smile, is those little spaces that are between your teeth, you’re in trouble. You don’t love your grin. Instead, you feel distracted by the gaps and you wish that your teeth were flush with one another. Maybe you just have a gap between two teeth. Maybe you have a lot of spaces that end up causing your teeth to look “skinny” to you. It doesn’t matter. Why not? Well, because there are cosmetic dentistry treatments that will solve your problem. Learn more about them with ease by considering some initial details and then, of course, by taking time for a cosmetic visit with us in Austin, MN.

Good Reasons To Address Them

Are you stuck with those spaces in your smile, you wonder? When you find out that you are not stuck with them, thanks to cosmetic dentistry, you may then wonder: Should I really do something about them? True, they’re primarily esthetic (which, of course, is reason enough to make improvements!). In addition, remember that spaces might be making your life difficult. Is your tongue tissue getting trapped occasionally? Do you find that food builds up between these areas or frequently gets stuck, leaving you with hygiene challenges? Keep this in mind as you look for additional reasons to close those gaps.

Sometimes, Bonding Is The Better Option

In some cases, dental bonding is the better option for your smile when you’re considering your different cosmetic dentistry options. We encourage you to learn more about bonding, particularly if you feel you have skinny teeth, have multiple spaces you dislike, or even one space. In this instance, we simply use composite (it’s the same stuff used for white fillings). We’ll customize the color. We’ll build up your tooth tissue. Then, your teeth will appear to touch!

You Might Consider Porcelain Veneers

You might want porcelain veneers rather than bonding when you’re seeking out cosmetic dentistry for your spaces. A veneers is a small shell that makes a facade over the visible area of your tooth. By placing them next to one another on neighboring teeth, we can fill the spaces. This is especially beneficial for individuals with further esthetic worries, such as stains, texture issues, length discrepancies, and more.

Close Spaces In Your Smile With Cosmetic Help

Get rid of those little smile gaps when you come in for cosmetic treatments! Have questions? Let us know. Schedule a visit with our Austin, MN practice today by contacting Potach and Mitchell Dental Clinic today at 507-437-6312 to schedule your care.