Should I Brush Harder For A Whiter Smile?

You might wonder if your smile is looking discolored because you’re simply not brushing hard enough. First, recognize that the force you put into your brushing is not going to affect the shade of your teeth. Instead, discoloration comes from staining that takes place over the course of an extended period of time, while pigmented molecules penetrate tooth tissue. Unfortunately, your brushing can’t reach deep into your teeth to remove stains (so even if you brush hard or use special toothpastes, it won’t work). What will work? Cosmetic dentistry with our practice. Find out more!

Why You Should Schedule A Consultation

You should schedule a consultation with us because we cannot diagnose your discoloration over the phone (and because you will definitely require professional cosmetic dentistry if you want a significant improvement). We can then figure out if you need teeth whitening, bonding, or veneers to address your smile shade goals. Fortunately, we can do this safely and effectively, so you love the results.

Why You Shouldn’t Brush Hard

In addition to the fact that brushing hard (or using rough ingredients) won’t offer you the same results as cosmetic dentistry, there are other reasons to avoid brushing hard. We understand that you might assume strength equals results when you’re cleaning your smile but this is simply not the case. To accomplish your goals of a healthy, white smile, you’ll need gentle techniques and professional assistance. Drawbacks of hard brushing include the following:

  • Forceful brushing is damaging to your enamel
  • Hard brushing is irritating to gingival tissues
  • Aggressive care can yield damage and sensitivity instead of healthy teeth


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