Dental Things You Should (And Shouldn’t) Share

When it comes to taking excellent care of your smile, you’re taking in new information all of the time. The foundation is set, of course, which includes brushing your smile two times a day and flossing one time a day (and coming in for your visits). As for the other information, you’ll find that when you delve into the details, there are some things you might feel hesitant about doing (and then we suggest you go for it). Then, there are things you do without a second thought (and we warn you against them). Your best option is to ask us questions when you’re unsure. When it comes to sharing, for example, we have some advice that will help you feel much more centered about your oral health.

Things You Should Share

You should always share your feelings with us about your oral health. Whether it is in regards to your health, prevention, restorative care, cosmetic treatments, hygiene, or anything else dental-related, it’s always better to talk than to hide your questions. The more you know, the more informed you become, and the easier it is to feel confident about your teeth and gums.

Things You Shouldn’t Share

If you’ve put it in your mouth (or someone else has put it in their mouth), it’s best not to share it. This means, do not share your toothbrush with someone, even if it’s your spouse. Don’t share dental floss (unless you’re both tearing off a fresh strand). Why is it so important to keep your oral health products to yourself? Well, everyone has a very special and unique blend of bacteria in their mouths (and some germs, too). It’s safer for your oral health and your overall health to keep your dental hygiene products limited to one person.


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