3 Things To Change In The New Year

The New Year is all about change, right? It’s a new year, you’ll have to get used to writing 2017 for the date and there’s a whole lot of room for self-improvement (thanks to our tradition of coming up with resolutions). So, why not engage in creating some plans for beneficial change when it comes to your dental health? You may be jumping at the opportunity, you may feel resistant (but know it’s necessary), or you might think you’re doing A-OK. Let’s run through some simple yet very helpful changes, so you can decide if they’ll work for you.

Your Toothbrush

It might be time to change your toothbrush to best benefit your dental health. This could mean many different things. If you’ve been holding onto the same toothbrush for longer than four months, it might mean that it’s time to throw it out and start with a fresh one. If you don’t like your brush, it could mean it’s time to find one you do like. Or, if you’ve been using one with hard or medium bristles, it means it’s time to choose one with soft bristles.

Your Daily Habits

Your dental health is generally only in as good a condition as your dental habits. With that said, it might be time to change your habits, so they are doing good things for your grin. Fortunately, establishing advantageous habits is easy. You’ll only need to do the following:

  • Brush (2x a day)
  • Floss (1x a day)
  • See us (2x a year) for cleanings and your checkups

Where You Get Your Information

Been getting your info from friends and the Internet? When you have dental health questions, ask us instead, so you know the details are accurate!


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