Your Lips And Winter: How To Make It Through

Every time winter begins to roll in, you might have a moment when you feel yourself staring this season square in the eye, just daring it to dry your skin and lips out again! Unfortunately, no matter how convincingly vicious a stare you conjure up, the shift in seasons will leave you with the same results year after year: Chapped lips and scaly skin. When it comes to protecting your lip health, the histrionics are actually completely unnecessary! What you do need is some solid suggestions from our dental team and your smile will remain moisturized and comfortable.

Do You Use A Skincare Routine For Your Face?

For those individuals who take very good care of their skin, dealing with chapped lips can feel extra frustrating. What you might not realize is that what you’re using to clean and protect your face might not be good for your lip health. In fact, even simple soap might be causing them to become dry. Care for your skin very carefully over the winter months and you will find that preventing other products from contacting your lips helps a lot.

Do You Use Treatment For Your Lips?

If you don’t carry hydrating lip treatment (like a balm) with you, it’s time to start. Use it as often as you need to and you will be very relieved by your improved lip health!

Are You Staying Hydrated?

Your lips are an extension of your body, which means if you aren’t drinking enough water, you’re dehydrated. As a result, your mouth and lips can become dehydrated, too. This might result in dry mouth and dry lips. When you learn that promoting soft lips and a comfortable, healthy mouth can happen by drinking enough H20, it’s an easy motivator to up your water intake!


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