3 Things You Need To Know About Flossing

You might be a little bit shocked to learn that when we talk with you about dental floss, there’s what seems like an entire universe of information to take in. Whether we’re discussing the best technique for flossing, how much to use, which type, or otherwise, this very basic-seeming part of your dental hygiene routine is something that can really help protect your smile (if you’re serious about it). As a result, there are a lot of details to be considered. Never fear, they’re simple to take in and very beneficial for your smile once you’ve memorized them. Let’s get started!

#1: You Can’t Replace It With Brushing

It’s tempting to consider replacing your entire dental hygiene with just one step: Brushing, However, flossing is absolutely instrumental in keeping your smile healthy. We know that it seems logical that if you were to carefully wield your bristles between teeth and gently press them beneath your gum tissue that it should work. However, it’s just not going to benefit your smile.

#2: You Need To Use Fresh Floss (And Enough Of It)

Effective dental hygiene rests wholly on the need to remove bacteria from your smile. This means getting rid of as much plaque as you can during each session of brushing and flossing. To do so, you need a long strand of fresh dental floss (usually we suggest a strand of about 18 inches). Only use it if it’s brand new (never rinse and reuse) and use enough and you’ll see good results.

#3: You Can Try A Flosser

If you just don’t like flossing but you know how important it is, you might want to consider trying something new. A water flosser lets you perform the dental hygiene you need with water, not thread-like floss.


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