OTC Whitening: All The Facts You Need

As you soak up details from the Internet, television, ads on your phone, information from friends, and more, you might find yourself thinking that a whiter smile is probably easily attained from over-the-counter teeth whitening. After all, there are so many products saturating the market that something must certainly be able to brighten up your discolored teeth, right? While the evidence certainly points to that possibility, OTC options are actually something you should avoid at all costs! Take a brief moment to consider an important message from our professional dental team.

It’s Not (Very) Effective

Over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening is not very effective. We are not insisting that you won’t see any change at all. It’s also possible that a friend of yours has been using OTC treatments and has quite a white smile. What you need to remember, however, is that teeth that are already very white will, of course, continue to look white after one of these treatments. In addition, your friend may be unintentionally abusing these treatments to achieve desired results. The fact is this: The suggested treatment won’t lead to a vibrant smile and even one use isn’t safe.

It Can Hurt Your Teeth

About your safety: OTC teeth whitening can cause your teeth to become dried out (dehydrated) by pulling moisture from your tissue as a result of harsh ingredients. Sadly, such options are often strong enough to hurt your teeth without the stain-fighting power to lighten them.

Professional Treatments: They’re Safe And They Work

Of course, it’s time to talk about professional teeth whitening! The details are easy to take in:

  • It’s effective
  • It won’t harm your smile
  • You can expect a much whiter smile
  • It is more cost-effective than OTC whitening because one treatment yields impressive results


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