Dental Crowns: 3 Ways We Make Them Look Real

Is your main concern with receiving a dental crown feeling reassured that it will look natural? We certainly understand your worry that your restored tooth could end up looking unnatural. The wonderful news is that when we place a crown, our mission is not only to restore the function and health of your smile but its esthetics as well. Though it may seem challenging or confusing to you, creating a custom crown that blends with your smile is something we do all the time. Allow us to let you in on the details that make this possible.

#1: We Use Porcelain

In order to create a realistic looking dental crown, we must use a material that closely mimics the tissue of your natural teeth. Fortunately, porcelain is just this material. Its translucency, level of shine, and durability make it an exceptional option for providing patients with a custom crown that not only looks real but that lasts.

#2: We Customize The Shape

Patients often fear that we have a stock of pre-crafted crowns for placement. This would never work because every smile is different (and ensuring a balanced bite after crown placement is very important). We will take impressions of your smile, from which we will design your dental crown. As a result, it will fit just right with your other teeth.

#3: We Customize The Color

We don’t offer a universal white shade for your dental crown. For most, this would stick out like a sore thumb. Instead, part of the customization process includes carefully selecting just the right shade, so your crown results in a natural-looking tooth restoration, matching surrounding teeth.


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