Dental Fillings: Don’t Worry, Be Excited

What’s to worry about when you need a dental filling? From our perspective, absolutely nothing at all! However, we know the opposite is often true for many of our patients. If you are someone experiencing some uncertainty or anxiety regarding a filling, we suggest strongly that you let us know and ask your questions. You will be so pleased to discover that this very common treatment is nothing to make a fuss over! It’s so simple and effective (and comfortable, too). Need some reassuring? We’re happy to do it!

How It Feels

A dental filling doesn’t feel like much, even though you may have let your thoughts run wild with this one. The reason it doesn’t really feel like anything at all is because you will have a numb tooth and nearby oral tissues thanks to our application of local anesthetic. You will feel the time going by (but a filling is quite quick, as well, so even this won’t be much of a challenge).

How It Looks

A dental filling doesn’t look like much either. That is, it will just look like part of your natural tooth. Since we rely on tooth-colored fillings (the color of which we match to the tooth in question), it’s nearly impossible to intentionally look at the filling, since you won’t be able to tell it apart from your tooth tissue. Basically, it looks natural!

Why It’s Important

A dental filling is very important because it ends a problem and prevents the development of further problems. Here’s what you need to know:

  • A filling stops decay from progressing any further
  • A filling restores the damage to your tooth
  • A filling prevents the cavity from turning into widespread decay or an infection


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