Do I Really Have To Floss?

Have you been hearing some mumbling and murmuring in the news and amongst your friends lately about dental hygiene? Has it made you smile from ear to ear because the rumor is that you don’t really need to floss? While we love to see you smile, it’s important to recognize that this is just what it sounds like: A rumor. While you might hear that there are some verified reports and research out there, it runs completely contrary to our advice. As you might have imagined, the advice suggests you protect your oral health with daily flossing. Ready for a recap now that you know what’s what? Here we go!

Why You Have To Do It

First and foremost, you have to floss your smile as part of your dental hygiene because plaque gets stuck between your teeth. It also becomes stuck beneath your gumline. Food particles also take residence in these areas. When you leave them there, decay and inflammation may occur. Since your toothbrush cannot thoroughly remove these problems, you must floss.

When To Do It

You only need to floss once every day to successfully perform this part of your dental hygiene. It’s quite a simple way to offer your smile a ton of protection. Many patients wonder whether they need to floss in the morning or at night, before or after brushing. The exciting news is that it’s up to you. Try out different options and see which you like the best. As long as it happens daily, the decision is yours.


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