Dental Fillings: What’s “Tooth-Colored” All About?

When you first learn that you’re going to need to schedule a dental filling to clear up the decay in your tooth, you might hear a lot of terms flying about that you aren’t familiar with. The good news is that the more you learn, the more excited you will feel about coming in for a restorative treatment for your tooth. One of the most common questions patients ask regarding fillings: What is a tooth-colored filling, exactly? Fortunately, this is very easy to answer. We will explain what it is and why it’s so great.

Why We Say “Tooth-Colored”

You might hear some other terms to describe this type of dental filling. We commonly say “tooth-colored.” However, we might also say white or composite. This refers to the fact that we aren’t going to be placing an amalgam (or metal) filing. Instead, we are placing one that addresses your decay and that offers cosmetic benefits. It will be the color of your tooth instead of dark and metallic. We accomplish this by using composite, which is a material that is made up of special synthetic acrylic resin. We can alter the color to ensure it matches the color of your tooth.

Why We Offer It

We provide you with a tooth-colored dental filling instead of a metal one for a variety of reasons. The benefits are always quite pleasing. First, you will be happy to learn that your smile will look beautiful because your tooth will appear completely repaired and natural. Next, you can stop worrying about any potential negative factors associated with amalgam, such as trace amount of toxins found in mercury. It’s also a safe option for people who are allergic to metal (because it is metal free).


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