Veneers: A Quiz

How much knowledge do you think you’ve soaked up about porcelain veneers? Do you fancy yourself something of a master when it comes to camouflaging your smile – or do you think you’re still somewhere on the novice end of the spectrum? The good news is that becoming familiar with the details is quite easy – simply schedule a consultation with us, so we can answer your question and provide a thorough explanation. For the immediate moment, however, feel free to test your knowledge with a quick quiz.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: Porcelain veneers are incredibly thin. They are shells made out of ceramic that we use to camouflage problems with your teeth, so your smile looks brilliant and improved.
  2. True or False: If you want to cover up serious stains but teeth whitening is not strong enough to address the discoloration, we may suggest veneers.
  3. True or False: If you want veneers, you may only select them to improve natural tooth tissue – they aren’t something we can place over artificial tissue.

Quiz Answers

  1. True. Porcelain veneers are exceptionally thin and will allow your smile to undergo a dramatic yet natural looking makeover.
  2. True. When you’re dealing with either deep or stubborn surface level stains that won’t go away even with whitening, we generally suggest an alternative option like bonding or veneers.
  3. True. Veneers work wonders when placed on natural tissue. However, for patients with artificial tissue already in place, we cannot offer veneers – we can, however, create a plan that meets your needs.


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