The Number 2 And Your Oral Health

When it comes to cavities and other oral health concerns like gum disease, patients often fail to realize how easy it is to avoid such problems. Unfortunately, they also commonly overlook how easy it is to develop them. In addition to providing you with a bit of enlightenment regarding how things can go poorly – or stay it tip-top shape – with your smile, we would like to offer a simple way of looking at hygiene-related issues. Focus on the number “2” and we’ll do the rest.

It Takes Two Days For Plaque To Harden

Actually, it can take as little as one to two days for the plaque that coats your smile to harden into an exceptionally solid substance we call tartar or calculus. If you have ever heard tartar compared to cement, this description is not without reason. While you can remove plaque with brushing and flossing, you cannot budge tartar – you will need professional assistance. Unfortunately, the development of tartar will make your efforts in dental hygiene less productive and your chance of developing oral health issues like gingivitis or tooth decay will greatly increase.

It Takes Two Minutes To Brush Your Teeth

Did you know that your entire brushing session from start to finish only needs to take two minutes? That’s a very small percentage of your entire day. Why not spend the two minutes it takes to protect your oral health, remove plaque, and prevent it from hardening, rather than facing potential tooth decay and hours of your life lost to fillings, a deep cleaning, or otherwise?

You Only Have To Brush Two Times A Day

Brush twice a day for the aforementioned two minutes (and throw in a daily flossing session). So simple.


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