Porcelain Veneers: 3 Reasons To Say Yes

Have you been going back and forth about your final decision regarding porcelain veneers? Have you convinced yourself that though veneers offer exceptional benefits, they just might not be right for you? Perhaps you are finding a way to rationalize yourself away from this treatment because you still have a lot of questions, so you feel uneasy. Do yourself a favor – consider a few reasons to say, “Yes” and schedule a consultation. This will give you the chance to receive all of the information you need.

Reason #1: They Do Almost Everything

Think of porcelain veneers as little multi-taskers. Instead of offering one improvement to your smile, they often provide the work of all of the other cosmetic treatments you were hoping to achieve (like teeth whitening, bonding, contouring, and Invisalign all in one). Say yes, so you can achieve an exceptional transformation.

Reason #2: Upkeep Is Easy

You aren’t going to have to do anything particularly special to keep your smile looking lovely after you receive porcelain veneers. Instead, all you need to do is to keep up with your usual hygiene (as long as that routine of yours includes a brushing session twice a day, a once-daily flossing session, and a couple trips a year to visit us for cleanings and exams.

Reason #3: They Look Natural

If you know anything about porcelain, you know that it’s going to look extremely natural in your mouth because of its unique characteristics. For instance, it is slightly translucent in a similar fashion to your teeth – as a result, it looks lifelike. We can also select the shade of your porcelain veneers, so your smile looks much whiter.


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