Welcome To Porcelain Veneers!

Have you been seeking out a way to address multiple issues with the esthetics of your smile? Perhaps you have heard friends discussing the advantages of choosing porcelain veneers but you are not certain what to think. Fortunately, if you have never heard of veneers before or don’t know much about them, you will be delighted to learn about their many benefits. If you have heard of them, you likely associate this cosmetic treatment with the pathway toward a completely transformed smile. The latter is true – selecting veneers provides a smile with dramatic improvements. Allow us to provide you with an introduction.

What Is A Veneer, Exactly?

Patients generally receive porcelain veneers as a set – this provides a smile with comprehensive improvement. A single veneer is simply a ceramic shell that is composed of multiple ultra-thin layers of porcelain. To craft veneers, a master ceramicist will create them based on impressions we gather of your smile. Instructions for creating your veneers will also include the particular design elements we agree upon for the greatest transformation of your smile. To provide camouflaging to your smile and to perfect concerns, we will bond the finished veneers over your natural tooth tissue (only covering the part of your teeth that appear visible when you speak or smile).

What Makes Them Unique?

Porcelain veneers allow us to tackle a variety of esthetic goals all at once. As a result, you may think of this cosmetic option as multiple treatments in one. For instance, rather than seeking teeth whitening for a brighter smile, bonding to fill gaps, and contouring to improve tooth texture, you can simply select veneers. They offer the following:

  • A lifelike, slightly translucent finish (just like your natural teeth)
  • A uniform smile
  • Closed gaps between teeth
  • A slightly more aligned looking smile
  • Improved whiteness
  • Greatly improved texture
  • Symmetrical, consistent tooth shape


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