Buying An Effective Toothbrush

If you purchase a toothbrush that is not quite right for your needs, you may find that you don’t experience the results you want: A healthy smile free of problems like gingivitis and cavities. Unfortunately, even if you’re following all of the suggested recommendations for dental hygiene, your brush may hold you back. Rather than allowing this to happen, we suggest you learn a bit about what makes up a stellar toothbrush, so your oral health wins every time.

Buy Something You Like

Don’t buy a toothbrush that offers enticing benefits but that you worry you might not enjoy using. For instance, if it looks too big for your smile or the handle doesn’t look comfortable, you might not have a very positive experience with your dental hygiene – you may even avoid brushing your teeth. Take your time and choose a brush that fits your needs.

Purchase Soft Bristles Only

Don’t allow yourself to be confused by the idea that firmer bristles must mean the brush will perform better. However, for the best dental hygiene experience at home, you need a brush that provides you with soft bristles. You see, soft bristles will help you achieve gentle yet successful removal of plaque from your teeth – as well as food debris – without resulting in harming your teeth. Firmer bristles – even medium ones – can slowly scrape and erode your enamel (outermost tissue layer of your tooth).

Seek Out ADA Acceptance

Take a look at the packaging that houses the toothbrush. It will have literature regarding how to use the brush and whether it has been approved by the American Dental Association (a sign that the brush will offer effective care). If the package has the ADA Seal of Acceptance printed on it, it’s a brush you can trust.


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